Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tent stories

I really enjoyed my time with our group making the podcast. We collaborated well with the topic and equally joined in with ideas. I found the collaboration between each other helped with the inspiration process. Ideas helped to generate other ideas and we were able to pull together what we felt to be a funny and informative podcast. I feel our group helped each other, by using our own strengths to enhance the project.  Special accolades go out to Tiffany who took on the editing process, and provided the group with our specialist on travel. She gets top billing in my opinion. Stephanie with her writing prowess was a great narrator. Bronson was fun and interjected great comments to add humor into our group, and Cindy was able to tie it together with her travel writing. For me I have many more tent stories in my vacation history that I could tell. It was good for me to only use an outline on what I should interject but still retain a spontaneous flow.

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